Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Feliz Navidad from Asia!!!!!!

I know it's Spanish and I'm in Asia but it's Christmas and you know, God
sees our hearts!!!!! Just joking!!!
Anyways, how is everyone doing? How are all the preparations for Christmas coming? I just bought a bunch of Thai Christmas cards with elephants on them 'cause you know, they are really Big out here!!! Sorry!

So I am back in Thailand for Christmas and am working with the Bible School and the Thai and International Church while I am here. Last week I had the opportunity to preach in the Thai church and lead worship in the International church so that was a lot of fun!! During the week I am going on the outreaches with the students to the Hospital and the Youth Centre (The Crossing) in Pattaya. Actually, 2 weeks ago at the Hospital, a guy who I shared the Gospel with accepted the Lord as his Saviour, so that was pretty exciting!

The Church in Cambodia is doing well praise God. One month ago, 3 young men who come to my English Class got saved and again, I was just pumped! Now I have the responsibility of discipling these young men and getting them baptized.

I will be returning to Cambodia in early January with a vision stronger then ever after attending the Victory Asia Conference in Oct. The word that I received there is still burning in my heart.
So yeah, I am really enjoying being back in Thailand and being with all my missionary and Thai friends and just communicating naturally, it is a blessing really!

Please be praying for the believers in Cambodia. Pray that God would give us a strategy for reaching the lost in that nation. Also pray for mulitpication. I am believing that the church I am working with right now will become a model church that we can duplicate and establish all over Cambodia.

As the ministry grows in Cambodia and Asia so do the needs. We are really serious about moving the Poipet church into a bigger building to allow room for growth. The rent for a bigger building is roughly 300 Can. Dollars a month.

My friend, Boosapaul, who is trained in Physio-therapy, wants to open an evangelistic clinic and this would cost around 150 Can. Dollars a month.
The list goes on and on as the needs in Cambodia are endless.

If you would like to partner with me in changing this nation with the Gospel, you can send finances on a monthly or one time basis to this address,

A and D World Missions
P.O. Box 26010 Centre Village Mall
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1H 6H4

( Make out Cheques to 'A and D World Missions' with a note saying that its
for Joel Reimer in Cambodia. "PAD" can be arranged. You can send a void
cheque to the 'A and D' address.)
** All Donors will recieve a Tax Deductible Receipt**

Thanks again for all your support and prayers!! Keep the emails (and if you're led by the spirit Care packages!) coming!!

Have an Awesome Christmas and may Gods blessings overtake you in the coming
New Year!