Thursday, January 04, 2007

Short and Sweet!!

Hey yáll!! How is everyone doing?
Just wanted to let you know that I desperately need your prayers!!!
Was just reading in Timothy how we are to be set apart and focused just like a soilder who is fighting in a War!
The Word talks about how Christians are to be Soilders for Christ in many different passages. Why? Because we are in a WAR!!!
We have all heard messages on this topic, I have preached on this a few times, but I think I am just getting the revelation!
Mercy, I have been acting like a 'Civillian' for far to long when in fact, I have enlisted and am a Soilder!!
I know I need to set myself apart for the sake of the Gospel, and live a life that is above reproach! In many ways I have dropped the Ball on those 2 things.
If we call ourselves Christians, even those of us in full-time ministry, lets remember that we are in a War and the enemy has one goal, he wants to take us out!
I know I need to get refocused.
Bless you all as you take on the enemy in Jesus name!