Saturday, April 19, 2008

People of the Faith!!

In case some of you were wondering, (thanks Mom and Grandma!) yeah I am still alive and well in Cambodia!!! I haven't written in months so I am so sorry about that!
Pray all of you are well and blessed! I will keep this baby short and to the point so you wont get half way through it and hit the old delete!! ( God knows we've all done it!!)

Hi-lites from the last few months-

1) Christmas Party (December) - 250 people attended, amazing re-inactment of the Christmas story by the kids, good food (Praise God!), 25 young people got saved!

2) Encounter Conference -Poipet (January) - Was a 3 day Victory Church Conference hosted by our Poipet church, a total of 450 people attended, 8 missionaries from Thailand came to help out and preach, was a huge encouragement to our church and the body of Christ in Poipet! ( Richard Krahn came to visit as well and was a huge blessing!)

3) Taught on the Pastoral Epistles at VBCI in Thailand for 2 weeks.(February) Think I learned more than the students and had a blast relating the topic to what God is doing in Cambodia. Low-lite- Marking!! (Sorry Pastor Kenn!)

4) Attended the EFC Annual Conference in Phnom Phen and recieved our Membership Certificate!! ( Feb-March) Was a great conf.. My assistant pastors caught new vision and great connections were made with other Christian leaders in the nation.

5) Moved into a new Building!! (March) Actually moved into 2 new buildings but am currently just in one! Long Story!) 4 storey building, 7 bedrooms, 4 large meeting areas, Kitchen, 3 balconies, un-countable washrooms!!! 50 Metres from the Thai/ Khmer Border on the main road!! Thank you Lord!!

6) MEI team led by Z and Booy came to Poipt for 2 weeks!! (March) Was a dream come true to host a team from my old Highschool! Ministered to our 6 homechurches, Aids Clinic, played vball and soccer with local guys, picked up garbage!, visited Siem Reap ect! Saw 13 people saved and baptised 30 people ( including 4 MEI Students!)

I'm looking forward to the arrival of Andrew and Katrina Stock who will be interning with me for 8 months. They are doing their internship through CBC in Abbotsford and I am so excited to see what God is going to do through them. Is an answer to prayer to have them come!!

I'll hit fast forward and just say I am coming home this summer after a 2 year absence and am pumped about seeing all of you!!

Thanks for your finances for real, your prayers and love getting messages and mail from you all!!
Love you
JR #33