Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm Back!!

Guys sorry for not writing for such a long time!!
How is everyone doing?
I am in Thailand now for a few days but head back to Cambodia on Monday.
I tried to send out a mass email and pictures in Cambodia but things out there are a little sketchy so it didnt work!!
But too make a long story short things are rockin in Poipet.
I am now looking over 4 homegroups and last Sunday many of those people got Baptized in a little dirty resevoir!!
Around 40 kids got baptized and 20 adults, it was awesome!
In the last 2 weeks we also saw over 33 people get saved!!
My friend, Pastor Ros and myself, also just helped a 22yr old Prostitute get out of a brothel with her 2yr old daughter. This was pretty exciting cause for a long time she didnt want to leave but this decision will change her life! Praise God!!
I am continuing to teach music out there and my english school is still open but nobody is coming!!
The gospel is going forth though and people lives are being changed so its very exciting!
Bless you guys back at home for your support and prayers


Hey Guys!! How are you?
Its been a while since I last wrote, sorry about that!
Well I have to take it back to Christmas'05 cause thats the last time I wrote!
Christmas was busy but lots of fun! Myself and a bunch of friends were
practicing music and performing for different events constantly. We
played in the Sriracha park on Christmas day, at the mall, and at a
boys prison in Bangkok!
Then I went up North to Ruamit village with some friends and was able
to relax a bit. I preached in a Karen hill-tribe church Jan. 1st and
the pastor gave me an authentic Karen vest that I got to preach in, so that was cool!
This last month in Cambodia God has really been moving!
In the last two weeks over 33 people have gotten saved, we just
babtized 60 people last Sunday and had our first foreign team come to
our church to put on a Leadership Conf.!
My freind P. Ros, and myself, also just helped a prostitute get out of
her brothel with her 2yr old daughter.
Bless all of you back home,