Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!

It was an emotional reunion when I saw my parents at the Airport. I won't lie, I cried like a little boy!!
After being away from home for 2yrs and having been through a lot of difficult things, seeing my Mom and Dad was just a great feeling.
I don't think it really matters how old we get, or what we accomplish in our lifetimes, our parents will always be our parents, and we will always be their kids!! In many ways it's a very comforting and cool thing about life!
Anyways enough sentimental stuff! I am home now and though not feeling 100 percent after the whole Typhoid thing, I'm feeling good and it's just a blessing to be home!
I saw my new nephew the night I got home and that was a treat! Tai looks a lot like my older sister Danica and the kid is just adorable! I have seen him twice now and have rarely heard him cry, my kind of nephew!!

I am off to California with most of my family on Saturday the 28th. but will be home around July 6th. I seriously would love to connect with all of you so don't be shy and either email me at or you can phone our place 1-604-855-7254.

Bless you guys

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Truck!

Here are some pictures of the truck that I just purchased last week!! It's a 1997 Toyota Tacoma, standard, 4x4. I think it's sweet, praise God!!!
I would just like to thank CLA for their major contribution that went towards buying this truck and also Pete and Marianne Reimer for their amazing generousity.
I already received a report from my friend Matt Brown who just used the truck to rush a girl to the Hospital after she had broken her arm at one of our home churches. We will use every resource that we are blessed with to help the Khmer people come to know Jesus Christ! Amen!
Bless you guys

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm coming home!

After 2 years of serving the Lord in Cambodia I am coming home for a short break!!!
On June 22nd I fly out of Bangkok and amazingly enough, thanks to the time change, I arrive in Vancouver BC the same day.
I am excited to see many of you and get caught up with all that has happened over the past 2 years!
I will be home all summer and then will be coming back to Cambodia at the end of August.

Some other big news that I want to share with you is that I just bought a TRUCK for the Ministry!!
I made 3 trips to Phnom Phen in the last few weeks to check out trucks and on this last trip, just two days ago, finally was able to purchase a 1997 Toyota Tacoma, 4x4. It's sweet and I got it for a pretty good deal, praise God! So that is a real blessing and it will be a big help to the ministry.

I also just recently got over a bout with Typhoid Fever that has left me pretty thin. I picked up someting in Phnom Phen a week and a half ago and right away felt awful. My fever was around 104 for a week and I had some nasty headaches and muscle pains. After 4 days I got to the Drs. and he put me on an IV drip for 3 days straight and gave me some medicine.
I sweated it out in this little clinic but after being on the IV drip I felt a lot better and now am pretty much back to normal!

We also just had a Womens Conf. at our church that saw 30 women come the first day and 40 women the second day. Many of them stayed at our church overnight and had a great time of fellowship and growing in their faith together.

God is so good and yeah can't wait to see many of you real soon!