Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Most Recent!!

Friends and family!! 
Greetings from Udom Suk, Bangkok!! 

How are you all doing?!! Pray you are doing well.  We are already into week 3 here at the Impact School of Missions (ISM) in Bangkok.  Time has flown by as we have gotten settled into SE Asian life and have been busy with ministry.  Here are some of the highlights: 

- Preparing and teaching classes at ISM (Avin is teaching right now!) 
- leading the students in worship
- serving at a 'Night Light' Cell group and Church Service, (Night Light is a Christian ministry that reaches out to woman in the red light district, disciples them and then employs them as factory workers) 
- loving on kids at a ministry that reaches out to kids from poor/dysfunctional homes in a Bangkok Slum
- exposing the students to different ethnic foods at restaurants in Bangkok! (The Indian food was unreal!!) 
- Not exactly a highlight but....traveling all over Bangkok trying to solve our computer problems!! 
- getting stranded at a soup shop due to a classic SE Asia thunderstorm!! 
- leading the students to the 'Ancient City' last saturday!!  A must do if you come to Thailand!! 

School here is finished on October 5th.  After spending some time visiting friends, we will head to Poipet, Cambodia to pick up my truck and things and then will head to Phnom Penh.  

We are loving being back in Asia and really couldn't be here serving without you.  Please, please, continue to pray for us as a couple and that Gods power would flow powerfully through us so that the name of Jesus would be glorified, an people would come to know Him!!   


Joel and Avin

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

We've Arrived!!!

September 5th, 2012

We have Arrived!! (Physically speaking, Lord knows not in a lot of other ways!!)   After talking about serving God in Asia, preaching about serving God in Asia, praying about serving God in Asia ect., ect., we are finally BACK,  SERVING GOD IN ASIA!! We are ecstatic! Feels like we’re home, though it sure was a tear fest saying goodbye to our families!  We had a great flight on Japan Airlines from Vancouver to Tokyo and then to Bangkok.  We stayed with Peter and Sandra Macintosh last night and were just treated like royalty. Had a great time this morning talking about all the crazy missions trips we’ve been on and then Sandra took Avin and myself to the Pentecostal Bible College in Udomsuk, Bangkok where we will be staying for the next 30 days, teaching at the IMPACT SCHOOL OF MISSIONS (ISM)  
Our apartment at the Bible school is a 3 bedroom place with a living room, a kitchen and Air Conditioning!!!  I am getting soft in my old age!!  
We got unpacked and settled in today, got all our phones hooked up with SIM Cards, went grocery shopping, experienced a classic SE Asia 1 hour rain storm with thunder and lightning and had some amazing ‘gang keow wahn guy’ for lunch!   Just feels so good to be BACK!!  God is so good!
We begin teaching on September 10th, so for the next few days we will be preparing for our classes, having staff meetings and hanging out with our friends here in Bangkok. 
Really appreciate all your support, prayers and for believing in us!!  Please be praying for Gods anointing to be on us as we teach and pour into the students at ISM over the next 30 days. 
Joel and Avin

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Next Steps...

Our newest update: please do continue to follow us at
Praise God, He is good! “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) Thank you to all who are working with us so we can follow God’s call on our life to Cambodia!!!!
Peter & Wanda: Three Hills Alberta
In the last month our fundraising efforts have taken us to Vernon, Coquitlam, Osoyoos and Three Hills, Alberta to share the Word and our vision at different churches. We have met so many new people and have felt so loved and welcomed…the family of God is one amazing thing!
Fireside Worship: White Rock Beach
We have finished our restaurant jobs, which we thought was going to leave us a ton of extra time for “other” things, but life has a way of filling up quickly! We have spent a lot of time committed to completing our courses for Impact School of Missions (, and spending time with supporters, friends and family.

Ready for the journey!
So where are we at these days? Well we need to let you all in on the best news of the month! Our team in the PAOC has given us the final approval to go and book our tickets back to South East Asia! PRAISE GOD! So many of you are a part of this news because it is YOU that has listened to God and decided to get behind us monthly! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! We are still believing God for the a few more monthly supporters to get us to 100% budget. We need the last 20% (about $900/ month). We know it is God’s economy and He continues to show us this, so we are moving forward full of faith and gratitude!
So by September 5th we will be in South East Asia! That first month will have us in Bangkok teaching at ISM, and then we will be heading to Cambodia in October! This means we will be celebrating our 1st anniversary in our new home, what a year it has been!
Stayed tuned…this is only the beginning…

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good News!!!

Jesus is Lord of all the Earth!    Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord!! Amen!!  
Avin and myself are so excited to play a small part in what God is doing in SE Asia!! After our fundraiser on June 24th, we feel really supported by so many people who love the Lord and care about what He is doing all over the world!! 
Tim Lindberg and Crystal Asplend blessed us with some great folk music, the Thai and Khmer food was amazing, but more importantly, we just loved seeing many of you and being able to thank you face to face for getting behind us as a couple.   Thank you as well to many of you who gave so generously at the fundraiser! 2300 dollars was raised for the work in Cambodia, praise God!!
Avin and myself will be quitting our restaurant jobs in the next week and a half, and focusing entirely on writing courses for our teaching stints at ‘Impact School of Missions’ in Bangkok ,Thailand, as well as continuing to fundraise and share at different churches. 
In July we will be sharing at Vernon Full Gospel Tabernacle,  Coquitlam Community Church and Osoyoos Pentecostal, as well as a fundraiser in Kelowna and 3 Hills, Alberta.  
We are still believing God for 25 percent ( 1,300 dollars) to come in, in the form of monthly support.   Please be believing God with us for this last amount to be raised.
We would love to see many of you this summer so don’t be shy!! Email us or give us a call. Would be great to get together!!
Joel and Avin

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Can you taste it?!

We have updated our blog,, and wanted to post it here for you all as well!

We are so close!! We can taste the Thai food and feel the heat on our skin! Praise God!

Traveling to Victoria
To be honest, for Joel and I, nothing much has changed over the last few months. You have heard it all before, working, fundraising, etc…BUT all of this working, fundraising, etc. has paid off and things are getting ready to change. Joel and I will officially be finishing our jobs at the Vault and the Washington Ave Grill at the end of June. We have been so blessed to have been a part of such an amazing “family” and have been able to work through all the changes God has brought in our lives over the last 2 years! Now we are at 70% of our budget needs and, with the next few commitments that have been promised, we will hit that 75% and will be ready to book our flights back to SEA!

God has heard all of our, and your, prayers for an August departure date, and it looks like that is what is going to happen. We are planning for the end of August, allowing us time to land in Bangkok, teach at the ‘Impact School of Missions’ for the month of September and head to Cambodia in October to start our new life there! That means we will celebrate our one year anniversary in our new home!!!

We want to thank all of you who have heard our hearts, heard from God and have chosen to be a part of this journey – really, our hearts cannot say thank you enough. We hope to see you all at the June 24th Fundraiser to celebrate and share together.

So stay tuned as details unfold, this is only the beginning…your prayers and love are so needed and appreciated!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cambodia Fundraiser- June 24th!!!

Guys!!!  What is happening?!!!  Hope you're all enjoying life as summer approaches!!! 

On behalf of Avin and myself, we just wanted to personally invite all of you to join us for a Backyard, Asian Themed, Music Filled Evening on June 24th at 4pm!!   
The purpose of the evening is to hang out and enjoy good food and good music with all of you, and to raise funds as we prepare to return to Cambodia this August.  
We're planning on ordering in some great Thai and Khmer food from local restaurants.  For those of you who haven't had Khmer food before, this is will be your chance to try some!! 

We will be entertained and blessed by the talented Tim Lindberg, a successful singer/songwriter, who actually spent time in Cambodia working with myself, and led several missions teams to Cambodia!! ( 

We would really love to see all of you that evening!   We are confirming the location based on how many people will be attending, so please get back to us (RSVP), and we'll keep you posted as to where this party is going to be!! 


Joel and Avin

(ps- Once we figure out how many people will be attending, we will let you know what the suggested donation will be to cover food costs.)
604 832 2603

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Newest Post to our blogspot -
Welcome Spring! God is great! We have had a blessed month! We have spent time with our families, celebrated Easter, and shared our vision for Cambodia with new people and churches!

April started off with Avin’s Grandpa’s 80th birthday, so we began planning our family trip to Kelowna where we could have time with the family and then spend some time connecting with new churches in the Okanagan. Everything was going perfectly, until days before the trip. The road reports started warning people of travel, news of blizzards and horrible road conditions on the Coquihalla! A sad last minute decision led us to post-pone the trip. But the next weekend, with roads looking good, we packed our bags and headed up to the Okanagan. Praise God, beautiful blue skies and dry roads were waiting for us this time around. With God’s grace and leading this trip was meant to be post-poned, we were able to make some wonderful new connections throughout Vernon, Penticton, West Kelowna and Kelowna!

Thank you to the wonderful Koch family, who hosted us for our time up there!!!! Amidst meetings, there was some wonderful Easter bread, time to catch-up, and a rousing game of Pass the Pigs!!! I think Isaac Koch and Joel might have thoughts of joining the Professional Pass the Pigs League! (lol)

We are so encouraged by the Pastors and people we have been meeting with, and the connections they are so generously helping us make. There are doors opening up in other provinces, so please keep praying for these opportunities where we can share our hearts and what God has called us to!

So slowly but surely God is opening the hearts of those around us to partner with us. We are also planning to have a Missions Night Fundraiser over the next while, so stay tuned for more details there!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March is here!

Avin and I have also created our joint blogspot to update you as a couple and create places for you to interact with us. I will keep this site updated as well but please feel free to visit us at for more information!

Here is what has been going on for us!

We are amazed that it is already March and how quickly this year is flying by. There have been so many incredible things that have happened to re-confirm our vision and our decision to join the PAOC (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada) as Global Workers (missionaries), and our plans to return to Cambodia. We know with our whole hearts that we are following God’s will for our lives and are enjoying the process of “going”. This past week we had the privilege of joining the PAOC at their annual pastors’ conference for the BC and Yukon districts. What a blessed time shared with some inspiring men and women of God! We were commissioned with 3 other Global Workers (missionaries) and were covered in prayer. The encouragement and love that this family shares, and has shared with us, is beyond encouraging. This past month has been fun! We have had many opportunities to meet with a lot of you who support our vision. Thank you for all your words of encouragement! Plus, we were able to be a part of Christian Life Assembly’s Missions’ month! What a great way to highlight the work that is happening around the world through different Global Workers (missionaries). So needless to say we have been busy! Working at the restaurants, fundraising, taking time with family and friends, and working with our churches wherever we can, time is flying by! We are preparing for a June/ July return and so we have also been working on growing our monthly support base. Since we are planning to be in Cambodia long-term, we are required to have at least 75% of our monthly donations/ support in place BEFORE we are allowed to purchase our plane tickets. This will allow us to leave with the confidence that we will be sustainable once we are out there. So we are preparing our hearts and minds, and God has been so gracious with us, as He continues to bless our connections and relationships along this path.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Life and Friends!!

Currently it feels like our life is in Limbo!! We are wanting to be living and serving in SE Asia, but at the same time need to be working and preparing in Canada, Both places are truly amazing but at this time it seems, emotionally for me,
we're kind of stuck in the middle! The blessing about being home is of course being around family and friends! Good friends of ours Kris and Tabitha Pagan, missionaries in Thailand, were traveling through Vancouver on their way back to Thailand and spent 4 days with us. It was so awesome having them around and part of our lives. They have a little boy, Ephraim, who was truly a miracle, and we just had a great time showing them around the lower mainland despite the rain and cold! When the Pagans were here we also had a little mini 'Band' reunion! We all got together with Kyle and Andrea Hendy and their little baby girl Ivy in Walnut Grove. It was the first time that Kris, Kyle and I have been together since our Bible School days in Thailand where we ended our Graduation night with a concert for the staff and students. We called our band the 'Sriracha Rangers' Kris was the lead singer, Kyle played guitar and I was the drummer. In our minds the one and only concert was legendary!! So I had to include a picture of the band reunion! The other pictures are of me and Avin at a little getaway, that was part of a wedding present from her old neighbors in White Rock. Blessings and please be praying for us as we prepare to go back to Cambodia to preach the Gospel and make disciples. Joel Reimer

Friday, February 10, 2012

Reimer News!!!

Friends!!!!! How are things going?!!! Pray you're all doing well!! We are doing fantastic!! We have been married for over 5 months now and every day just keeps on getting better! God is so Good!!! We just wanted to give a little update as to what we have been doing, and what we're planning on doing in the future!! To start with, we are both still working at sister restaurants, 'The Washington Avenue Grill' and 'The Vault'. God continues to provide for our needs through our jobs and we're both amazed at how many 'God' moments we have at work with customers and co-workers. Despite the late nights at our jobs, we have been able to share with the Missions classes at my old high school, MEI in Abbotsford, and help teach Thai and Thai culture with an MEI team heading to Thailand this spring. As well, I have had the the opportunity to serve on the worship team at our home church, Christian Life Assembly (CLA) in Langley, and on occasion preach at evening services. This month at CLA there is a Missions emphasis and we will be involved with some of the banquets and different meetings to encourage people to get involved in missions. Recently we were in eastern Washington state, visiting my cousins church, and we were able to share our vision and our hearts with them. Driving home from there in blizzard conditions was quite the adventure but that's another story! As many of you know, we are still planning on returning to Cambodia as soon as possible. We are planning on moving to Phnom Pehn, the capital city, and enrolling at a Language school and learning the Khmer language, as well as volunteering at New Life Church and whatever opportunities God brings our way. We also have been asked to teach various courses at 'Impact School of Missions' in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2012, and January 2013. After our first year in Cambodia we are hoping to continue to plant churches and preach the Gospel wherever the Lord would lead us. At this time we are fundraising and believing God for the monthly support that we will need to live overseas. The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) is encouraging us to have 75 percent of our budget raised before buying our tickets for Cambodia. At this time we have raised 45 percent of our monthly budget. Please be praying for us as we prepare to head back to Asia. Pray that God would use us while we're in Canada and that Jesus would be glorified through our lives in all that we do. If God is leading you to support our ministry in Cambodia, please go to Blessings Joel and Avin Reimer 604-832-2603

Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Pictures!!


Friends!!! Myself and Avin are doing awesome!!! Jesus Christ is Lord and we are so blessed to be called his kids!!!
We went to CLA for the Christmas Eve service with the Houghlands, spent Christmas with our families (the Houghlands on Christmas Morning and the Reimers Christmas night) and on Boxing day we went to Vancouver Island to visit Avin's Uncle Richard and his family. Pretty much everyone drove up these old logging roads in 4x4's with guns and ammo and for a couple hrs we just shot targets on the side of a hill! It was awesome!! We shot Winchester rifles, .22's, shot guns, AK-47 type guns ect. Had a a blast! Avins Cousins and family were such good hosts. We ate like Kings the whole time and just had a lot of fun!!

On New Years Eve we both worked at our restaurants, The Vault, and the Washington Avenue Grill, and since then we have just been working hard and getting little details worked out and things organized in preparation for going back to Cambodia.

Joel and Avin