Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friends and Family members who read this blog!! Pray you guys are doing well!

Just wanted to write a brief report about my recent trip to Malaysia.
On April 21st myself, along with Kris and Tabitha Pagan, set off for Malaysia to encourage the Victory Praise Church in Kuala Lumpur and hang out with a cool couple, Tony and Margaret Foster in Penang.
We arrived safely in Penang and then took a taxi to the Fosters Condo. Right away I was impressed with Malaysia (this was my first time there!) by how modern it was and how developed and organized things were. ( of course it doesnt take much to impress a missionary from Cambodia!)
We hung with the Fosters for a few days, checked out the sights, saw a few malls, snake farms!! ect, and then took the bus to KL. KL is unreal! The place has huge highrises everywhere, mono-rail and subway systems, starbucks on every corner and malls the size of small towns!!
We checked out the twin towers which was super cool, went to China town, little India and of course ate great food along the way.( The Indian food there was out of this world!)

The Victory Praise Church in KL is headed up by Pastor Ezekiel and he was a great host.
I preached at the first service on Friday night and then again at the last service on Sunday night. Kris and Tab preached as well and had awesome messages for the youth and the women of the church.

Kris also preached at a Burmese refugee church and man could those guys play country tunes for the Lord!

In every place we would pray for the sick and prophecy over people, it was a lot of fun!

Here are some pictures of our trip and a few of ministry in Poipet!