Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pictures from India!

I was in Southern India for 10 days with my good friend, Kris Pagan, working with Joseph, an Indian student who is attending my former Bible school, VBCI in Thailand. We spent 3 days with Josephs family in a little village outside of Gatakurem, and then spent the next 7 days traveling by car, train, rick-shaw, motorbike- you name it!!, all over southern India. We preached at 4 different meetings, prayed for a lot of people, shook a thousand hands, visited a 60 year old Prison, saw two famous Hindu Temples and saw some pretty amazing cities and sights! It was a whirl-wind tour! We had some serious close-calls as we travelled but all in all it was a great time! Kris is currently editing and producing the footage that we shot while we travelled. If you check out 'CONMEDAL' on YOUTUBE you can check out the show from India as well as other shows about the ministry here in Cambodia.