Friday, July 16, 2010

Sailing Pictures ect.

Youth Group/ Sailing Ect.

Well I am back in Canada and it feels great to be home! I feel like I can just relax these days and it's just a great feeling! We are so crazy busy sometimes in Cambodia its a little overwhelming.
I am trying to rest these days but am still making time to get together with family and friends. I had the privilege of going sailing for a few days around Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island with the Browns, had a blast with 2 of my nephews in Abby before taking them home to my sister in Salmon Arm, and was able to attend Lacey's wedding which had me in tears the whole time! Hey I am a crier, what can I say?!! Its a blessing and curse!!
Here are some picture of our Youth Group in Poipet and some of my activities since arriving back in Canada.