Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Return Unto Me'

I don't know about you, but when I start thinking about home, and my family, I get emotional.
I have lived the last 10 years of my life far away from my immediate family and the place where I was born and raised.
If you listen to a lot of secular songs, even these folks that don't know the Lord sing about going home and you can tell it's emotional for them. I think that is why the Prodigal Son story is really powerful for so many people. When that 'Prodigal Son' decided to go home, it was a big deal. It wasn't just the physical fact that he was going home but it symbolized a RETURN to what he knew to be good and true. It meant he would have to humble himself in the sight of his father, his family and all that knew him. People at home know you. They know where you come from, and what you have been through. It's humbling to go home but it's a good thing.
On July 2nd I am flying home after being gone for 1 year. I will be in Canada for a few months and then am hoping to go to a Worship/Music School somewhere in the states this next year.
Missionaries and my Cambodian Staff will lead the ministry while I am gone and I am believing the Lord will continue to provide for them while I am gone.
Looking forward to seeing many of you really soon!