Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ministry and Malaysia!

Friends and Family members!! How is everyone doing? I have been "Off the Radar" for a while but it seriously hasn't been on purpose! Sorry if that was a problem for any of you.
Sometimes the ministry gets pretty intense and I just dont have the time to check my email account! My bad, please have mercy on a brother!
The CLA team was just in town for 2 weeks and they were a tremendous blessing! Lacey Holcombe and Keela Keeping made up the team and they did everything from putting on a Womens Conference, to teaching English, preaching, teaching Sunday School, fixing my computer, making me laugh ect.!!
For the first week that they were in Poipet it was full on ministry on a daily business and despite the girls sufferring from jet-lag, they handled their new settings very well.
They visited many of our homegroups with me and my ministry team and ministered to our homegroup members in many ways, praise God!
They also went with me to 'Morrisay' where we have 13 homechurches. We had a meeting with many of the youth from those homegroups and I taught from 2 Timothy and encouraged them to preach the Word and make a difference for the Lord.
At Morrisay these girls had a true cross-cultural experience living in a traditional Khmer house, and eating genuine Khmer food while sitting cross legged on a wooden floor with 20 other people! It was great!

The 2nd week of their trip I took them to Siem Reap and Phnom Phen where they learned about the history and culture of Cambodia (and at the same time did quite a bit of shopping!) Donna Haas from my Bible School in Thailand also accompanied us on our trip across the country and she was an awesome blessing to me and the girls.

2 Weeks ago we saw over 20 people recieve the Lord in 'Gaw Brahm' and 2 young boys in particular were especially attentive and hungry for the truth while we preached the Gospel.

Also our Victory Church Vball team won a Christian Tournament in Siem Reap a month ago, we were pumped! We went down there with our players and another Church team in our truck! 23 people in total travelled 3 hours down the worst road in Cambodia! It was an adventure forsure! Many of the young men on our team were not even Christians but there was a meeting where the Gospel was shared during the tournament and we are believing for their Salvation.

A Philipino Team also came to visit us for 2 days recently and they shared in our church Service and visited the Aids Clinic.
A group of missionaries from Thailand also came recently for a Visa Run/Ministry trip and the also shared in our church and were a real blessing.

I am off to Malaysia on the 14th for Youth Conference so please be praying for me as I share with the Youth in Penang for a week. They are Chinese Youth and there should be over 200 of them at this conf. Pray for a powerful annointing to preach the truth and to see the broken hearted binded up and for these youth to go deeper wtih God!


Friday, October 17, 2008

War in the East!

Guys! How is everyone doing?

I was going to wait a few more weeks before writing an update, but since things have gotten ‘interesting’ around here, I thought I would let you all know what is happening!!

Some of you might have heard about the recent tension between Thailand and Cambodia concerning an ancient temple and some land that is about 200 Kilometres north-east of Poipet.

Technically the land has belonged to Cambodia since 1962 but after it was named a ‘Historical Landmark ‘ by some world agency, Thailand has gotten interested and wants to claim the temple and land as its own.

Of course there has been internal conflict and underlying tension between the two countries for years so this recent upheaval is not entirely about this temple and the surrounding land.

Many Khmer people in Poipet have already fled to their hometowns for fear of the fighting spilling over here.

I have decided to continue on as normal and will preach the Gospel no matter what.
Joshua 1:9 commands us not to be afraid because the Lord God is with us, so I will trust in the Lord and am believing for a great harvest because of all the uncertainty.

I encourage you to please be praying for peace between these two countries and that this problem will be resolved quickly.

Besides the threat of War things here are going great.

Our English classes are growing and many of our students have been coming to Church lately.

Our little music school on Fridays has 6 new students and though last week I was teaching 8 students the drums and the guitar at practically the same time, I was pumped all these young guys were there and I could connect with them.

Two weeks ago we had 70 plus people attend our Church service in Poipet!
Our church on Sunday probably averages 35 people so myself and my leaders were totally encouraged!

Many of the people that came were Aids patients, street kids, beggars and young college aged people.

Teams from Abbotsford, the Philippines and CLA in Canada will be arriving in the next few weeks so we are excited to host these teams and help them play their role in the Great Commission in Cambodia.

Bless you guys,

Joel Reimer

Khmer Portraits

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back in the Far East!

Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

How are you all doing? How was everyones summer?
I pray you are all blessed and prospering!
I just arrived back in Asia on Sunday after being in Canada for over two months this summer.
I had an amazing summer catching up with many of you and spent some quality time with my family.
It was a time of getting refreshed and for taking a breather from the full-on ministry in Cambodia.
Compared to 3 months ago, when I had Typhoid Fever and was honestly struggling, I am feeling great and am ready to preach the Gospel and makes disciples in Cambodia once again!! Praise God!

This fall is going to be busy as myself, Andrew and Katrina Stock and my Khmer leaders take on the challenge of overseeing an additional 30 home churches in an area 3hrs away from Poipet.

Besides our regular outreach to the local Aids Clinic, our English School, the street kids outreach, the music school and our different Church ministries, a team from Christian Life Assembly in Langley, B.C will be coming in November. I am very excited about this as it is always an honor to host a team from my home church and to get westerners plugged into the great commission in Asia!!

Also this summer 10 young men contacted me about wanting to serve the Lord in Cambodia, in the next 10 months.
Please be praying for these guys as they prepare to leave behind everything they know and lay down their lives in a difficult setting. I beleive God wants to radically change these guys and use them to do great things for the Lord.

I am leaving Thailand for Cambodia tomorrow so please be praying that the Lord gives me strength, wisdom, an increased annointing and a healthy fear of the Lord for this new season!!
I am really believing for a massive harvest of souls this next year and that we are going to start seeing more of Gods power as we minister!

If you feel led to support the work that God is doing in Cambodia, you can make Cheques payable to:

'A and D World Missions'
Box 26010 Centre Village Mall
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1H 6H4

PLEASE WRITE ON THE MEMO LINE- 'CAMBODIA' (For Income Tax and practical purposes- Thanks!)
**Pre-Authorized Debit can be arranged with A and D World Missions**
( You can phone them at (403) 380-3349 or (403) 380-3352 or email

God Bless you guys and thanks so much for your support!

Joel Reimer

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cascade Falls!

Here are a few shots of Matt Brown and myself jumping off some cliffs in Mission, BC.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wakeboarding on the Pitt River!!

God is so good and He has blessed me with great friends!
Last week two friends of mine from CLA took me boating on the Fraser River!! The scenery was amazing!! We cruised past all these saw-mills and tug-boats, stopped for lunch, and then wakeboarded in the Pitt River area! Besides the water being totally fridged I had a blast wakeboarding, knee-boarding and just hanging out with JM and Jane!
I have 2 more weeks in Canada before heading back to Cambodia so I am trying to chill, meet with friends and get a few things organized.
Please be praying that God would give me new vision and a greater annointing as I prepare to go back to Asia!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reimer Family Pictures!

These are a few pictures of the Reimer Family! It's been two years since we have all been together so my parents thought it was a good time to get family pictures taken!! (Good call Folks!! They are wise beyond their years!) So yeah this is the modern day Reimer family!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Grandma Reimer

This is a picture of my Grandma Reimer at Earl's Restaurant in Abbotsford just a few weeks ago. She is 86 years old and still doing incredibly well!! She is still amazingly active - she volunteers at the MCC restaurant, faithfully attends church and prayer meetings and every summer makes lunch and prepares cold drinks for whoever might be working on the farm.
I love my Grandma. She has been a tremendous blessing in my life and I really praise God for her!
Hope you like the picture!