Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Grandma Reimer Passed Away.

At 1:30pm yesterday, November 29th, my Grandmother, Lydia Reimer, passed away at Bevan Lodge in Abbotsford, BC. She was 92 years old.  
I loved my Grandma. She was a feisty lady who often spoke what was on her mind. She was a survivor. She survived the depression on the prairies, she survived the loss of her still born child, she survived breast cancer, she survived open heart surgery, and the passing of her husband in 1986.  
Myself and my cousins were blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with her while we were groing up when we worked on the raspberry farm. She would make us lunch almost everyday at her house and deliver us snacks when we were on the raspberry machine.  We spent lots of time sitting in her kitchen asking her questions about our Dads, and how life was in the 'old days'. 
She had a great laugh and was quite the stylish dresser in her old age. She would get all dressed up for our high school basketball games.  It was great. 
Often after a game she would slip me a loonie and tell me to go buy a drink.  Or she would dip into her purse that had everything in it and more, and pull out an old cookie wrapped in an old napkin and tell me to eat it. Those were good times.  
At Christmas time she would often give us 2nd hand t-shirts that she had bought at the MCC thrift store.  They were absolutely random and often didn't fit.  We would just laugh.  
Often when I would be home in the summer time she would ask me to come to her Seniors prayer meeting at Church and share about what I was doing in Asia. It was always an honor to meet her friends and pray with them.  
I loved my Grandma. She was an amazing woman of God. I will miss her.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Martin Smith! Delirious? Frontman!!

Well the other day, a dream came true! I have always been a huge fan of the anointed worship/rock band Delirious? and their amazingly talented songwriter, lead singer, Martin Smith. He has written a ton of songs that the whole world has sung for many years now.
So the other day I went to a worship Leaders seminar in Vancouver that was hosted by Martin Smith and Brian Doerksen.  (Brian is another hero of mine! Abbotsford, Mennonite boy!)
The session was great and really helpful and afterwards I chatted a bit with Martin and got my picture taken with him, courtesy of Matt Unger and his iphone! (Thanks Matt!)
Here it is!