Monday, April 02, 2007

More Pics!

Just got Kim's pictures on my Mac the other day, Praise God! His are so good!
Hope you enjoy these new ones of our two week trip in Nepal!
( Just so some are not offended: There are some pictures of us with Marijuana in these pictures. In these mountainous regions they were growing weed everywhere and harvesting it while we were there. It is a regular cash crop to these people though it is ilegal in Nepal. The Goverment does not bother these 'Hill-tribe' people because they live in such a remote region. We did not partake of any of the weed, we just couldnt believe how much we saw, so we took pictures!)
Bless you and thanks for your prayers!
Teaching at the Bible School in Thailand is encredible! I have really felt the anointing and the students are learning about the Fathers of the Faith!