Thursday, September 07, 2006

How it all Began!!!

My name is Joel Reimer and I am from Abbotsford, BC, Canada.
I was raised in a Christian family by my parents, Pete and Pauline Reimer.
Along with my 3 sisters, I accepted the Lord at a young age and was taught the Bible regularly at home and in church.
In high school a lot of the passion I had for the Lord was lost because of a new passion and obsession for the game of basketball.
After highschool I went to YWAM in the Carribbean and got my priorities straight.
At that time I was set free from a lot of personal issues I had been struggling with, and was having the funnest time of my life serving the Lord!
After YWAM I worked for a year and a half when some friends of mine took me to a Victory Conference in Calgary, Alberta.
At that conference I met Pastors Fred and Dianne Doell and Pastors Al and Terry Purvis.
Besides telling me all about the amazing opportunities in Thailand, they prayed over me and prophesied that I was called to serve God as a missionary in Asia!
In those days I didnt know much about listening to Gods voice and prophecy, but on my drive home to Abbotsford I cried most of the way because I knew God was calling me to move to Asia.
To make a long story short, I ended up going to VBCI in Sriracha, Chonburi for 4 years. I had an encredible time learning the things of God, being discipled, and having constant adventures all over the country.
After graduating from VBCI I went home for a year and built houses and then went back to Thailand to lead the practical ministry ministry at VBCI and to teach a few classes.
To go back at bit, in my third year of school my project was to go to Cambodia and plant a church. So every month for a week at a time I would go to Poipet, Cambodia and gather believers together and teach them the word of God.
After completing that project I felt called to Cambodia but really didn’t want to go.
Last year I gave in to that call and came to Poipet to work as a full-time church planting missionary.
Currently I am working with 3 different groups of believers in Cambodia.
One group meets in a house in a slum. Around 20 children and 10-20 adults attend this group every Sunday morning.
The other group I work with meets in a bamboo shack at a village just outside of Poipet. Around 10 people attend this group and they are all new believers.
The last group I work with is a church that is Pastored by my friend P. Ros. He is raising 20 orphaned or abandoned children as well as pastoring this church. This Church has around 40-50 attenders.
I teach these believers the word of God almost every Sunday and am raising others up to lead worship, teach and lead in prayer.
I am also teaching regular classes on leadership, basic Bible knowledge, music and English. As well, were starting a prison ministry and hospital ministry which I think is gong to bear a lot of fruit.
In the last 6 months I have seen over 45 people come to the Lord and 60 people baptized. At the moment I am discipling 4 young men who I believe are called to full-time ministry.
Cambodia is still recovering from the Civil War that occured more then 25 years ago. The people still have a victim mentality and are are constantly looking for outside help to solve their problems
There are 15 million people in Cambodia but only 1 percent of those people are Christians.
I praise God that I can play a part in the end time harvest in this nation!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

2006-07 in Asia Baby!!!

Well I have been back in Asia now for the last 3 days and its so good to be back!!
I had some sketchy turbulance from Vancouver to Taipei and was in prayer a lot during X-Men so praise God I made it here in one piece!!
I have been getting organized the last couple of days- license renewed and Insurance for Thai-motorbike, updating, adjusting to the killer time difference, working on my Church History course.
Again I want to thank all you who support me in prayer, financially and friendship! I appreciate all of you really and coudnt do what God has called me to do without your help, bless you for that!!
I head to Cambodia on Monday after going to a big youth Conf in Bangkok on Saturday. There will be 10,000 youth there praising God and hearing the word. This is huge for Thailand!!
Love you guys and look forward to hearing from you!