Friday, July 13, 2007

2 months of Action!

Well I am not sure where to begin, so I will start with thanking God!!! He is so Good!

In the last two months a lot has been happening in Poipet!

We have seen over 55 people come to the Lord, Baptized 30 people, 10 people in the HIV Clinic got saved, had our first joint service and 120 people came out, are starting a new English/Bible class next week, have a YWAM team coming July 20th, and are preparing for a massive Conf. in Phnom Phen Aug. 9th-11th!!

One of the key events that happened this last month was a leadership meeting involving all the leaders in our church.
We discussed everything from- what we are doing with our church money, what a Christian leader is like, where we are going as a church, what our purpose is, ect.
The meeting went extremely well and I believe the leaders in our church are catching the Vision!
Another huge event for us was a joint service at my place involving all of our homegroups! We had not done this since our Victory Cambodia Conf. in Oct. so it was pretty exciting! We had some amazing Khmer food after the service and really had the family vibe happening, praise God!

One encredible event just happened this past week. We heard through one member in our church that 6 families in a remote village wanted to know the Lord. So that day we went to visit them and then two days later went back to share the Gospel with them! 20 people came to the Lord and we are going to start a new homegroup there!

Oh yeah almost forgot! The biggest blessing was having the opportunity in early June to go and visit my sister Nadine in Hanoi, Vietnam! She was there with her IPHC YWAM team for 3 weeks after having been in Papua for quite some time. I had not seen her in 2 years, so we did a lot of catching up and hanging out, it was great! I tagged a long for a few of her teams ministry times and then we went to Ha Long Bay for 2 days and cruised around on this amazing Guesthouse/boat thing!
We sang Karaoke, ate great food, and jumped off the roof of the boat! Good times Vietnam!
So thanks again for your prayers and support!
Momentum is really building in Poipet so we're pressing in and going for it!