Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Pictures!!


Friends!!! Myself and Avin are doing awesome!!! Jesus Christ is Lord and we are so blessed to be called his kids!!!
We went to CLA for the Christmas Eve service with the Houghlands, spent Christmas with our families (the Houghlands on Christmas Morning and the Reimers Christmas night) and on Boxing day we went to Vancouver Island to visit Avin's Uncle Richard and his family. Pretty much everyone drove up these old logging roads in 4x4's with guns and ammo and for a couple hrs we just shot targets on the side of a hill! It was awesome!! We shot Winchester rifles, .22's, shot guns, AK-47 type guns ect. Had a a blast! Avins Cousins and family were such good hosts. We ate like Kings the whole time and just had a lot of fun!!

On New Years Eve we both worked at our restaurants, The Vault, and the Washington Avenue Grill, and since then we have just been working hard and getting little details worked out and things organized in preparation for going back to Cambodia.

Joel and Avin