Monday, February 26, 2007

Off To NEPAL!!!!!!

Hey everybody!!! How are you? How are things in your part of the
It's been a while since I wrote all of you about things here! So
sorry about that!! It's been wild!!

I almost have to start back in January to fill you in! I will keep
it short I promise!
After Christmas I was back in Poipet for 10 days, re-united with Tim
Lindberg who stayed there over the break, came back to to Thailand
and saw Tim off to Canada, where I believe he immediately got
engaged!! You're the man Lindberg!!

After that I went with VBCI to Northern Thailand for a two week
Ministry/Character building trip! This trip was always the hi-lite
of my year when I was student at VBCI! I missed it last year so I
promised myself that I had to do it this year!
It took us 2 days to get to our base camp which was somewhere near
the Burma/Thai border.
We stayed at this old Ranger station that was right by a little
river, it was ideal!

For two weeks we lived in a bamboo framed tent, cooked over an open
fire, and went out to surrounding villages every night to preach and
pray for the sick in Hill-tribe villages.
We saw people come to the Lord, healed and encouraged!
We also did a 2 day hike at the end of the trip and it was truly a
test for both staff and students! It was a test of character and
team-work for all and I know that I learned a lot! ( Hiking over
mountain ranges with 20 people for hours on end and nobody really
knows where they're going is not for the feint of heart!)
Besides one girl from China breaking her foot, it was a great trip!!
We had some great times just worshiping under the stars, having
baths in the river, and drinking hot-Milo!!

Once back in Sriracha I met my friend Richard Krahn and took him out
to Poipet! We had a great 10 days or so ministering together, buying
things for the ministry and cruising around on my Bike wherever the
Lord let us!

Then Henry Schmidt came to spy out the land! We rocked in the
churches together and really had some powerful Holy Ghost times!
Praise God! Students from Henry's Bible school are coming to Poipet
on April 4th for two weeks, we are expecting great things!

This last week we baptised 13 young people and hosted a YWAM team
for 5 days.
The YWAM team did everything from picking up garbage for an hour,
praying for Aids patients, doing kids ministry in the slum and
random music outreaches all over Poipet!! They were truly a

On Feb. 28th I am off to Nepal for a two week ministry trip. Kim
Boschman, Amanda Williams and myself will be going there to visit
the Victory churches in Kathmandu and in the Himilaya mountains. We
will be hiking through the mountains for a week preaching every
night, and then I believe we have some Conferences and meetings set
up in the capital.

After that trip I am back in Sriracha for a while to prepare for the
Church History course I am teaching.

Please pray that God gives me strength in the next few weeks, a
powerful annointing to preach the word accompanied by signs and
wonders, and to teach this course with a spirit of excellence!

Would love to hear from many of you so feel free to write my
Bless you all!

Joel Reimer