Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life/Ministry Aug-November '09

Here are pictures of a few youth members and some pictures of our Worship team and church on a Sunday morning.
Currently we have about 15 youth attending our youth group every Saturday night at 6:30pm.
Candy and Rachelle have been heading up that ministry for the past few months and have been doing an awesome job.
A few months ago our youth went to Pursat for 3 days and just had a great time of drawing closer to the Lord. The truck broke down on the way there and there were a few other 'exciting' moments but many of the young people came back excited about the Lord, which was the purpose!
Our worship team for years has consisted of just myself playing the guitar for Srai Sim but after teaching Dree the drums for over 3 years we have a pretty sweet little 18 year old drummer now! Sopayuk plays the guitar when he can and sometimes Dree will play the bass and I'll play the drums. Srai Sim leads worship on most Sundays and is just one passionate worship leader!! Pau helps to sing and so does Makara and Srai Roit. Maroit is a pastors daughter and we are getting her to lead worship on Sundays sometimes. We have a long ways to go musically for sure but God knows we are trying!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baptism @ Gaw Bram Village!!

By the Grace of God we were able to Baptise 60 people, on October 25, '09, who had confessed that Jesus Christ was Lord of their lives and they had repented of their sins. 3 of these people are volunteering at our church everyday of the week and have been such a blessing. Hi-Anne is a 52 year old man who is married with 4 kids. Rachelle Schellenberg found him at the Casino area one night drunk and now he attends church, and every meeting that we host faithfully!
Srai Roit is 18 years old and is Pastor Boosapauls sister in Law. She used to be very hard hearted and against this God that Boosapaul always spoke about but now she helps cook at the church everyday and helps teach Khmai at some of our home- churches.
Date is also 18 years old and is Srai Sims nephew. He is quite small for his age and was probably picked on quite a bit as a teenager. Now he helps clean the building every morning and even before devotions begin at 9am he reads his Bible by himself for around 30 minutes.
God is so Good!

Cambodia Life 2 -Cool Season!!

Joom Reeip Sooah!! (I mean when in doubt, just use the classic missionary 'Cliche' and say hello in the native Language, using English phonetics!! Talk about OVERDONE!!) Forgive me supporters and friends out there, but you know it's true!!
Anyways here are some shots of real life in Cambodia! In this country, the most picturesque parts, for me personally, are out in the country side during the rainy season. At this time of the year everything is really lush and green and the rice farms just look amazing! For me, nothing beats driving my truck or motorbike out to a home church in the middle of some rural area, and having a Khmai meal in a bamboo hut and then spending the night there! It's awesome and the only way to experience Cambodia!!