Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Update from Harley Voogd!!

Friends!! Here is a brief update and some pictures from Harley, showing and explaining what God is doing through the ministry in Cambodia.

Hello from Poipet, Cambodia

God is working in Cambodia, and He is continuing to build His kingdom. Poipet is one city where God is moving in a powerful way. Sometimes it is difficult to see His work. A tsunami wave cannot be seen when it is still moving through the deep ocean waters. It only becomes noticeable when it reaches the shoreline. It is the same with God's work here in Cambodia.
Our church members continue to grow in their faith and understanding of the gospel. Our visits to the surrounding villages continue to reach people who know nothing about Jesus so that they can hear the good news. We love to have meetings with the local youth to teach the bible, and just have fun too.
Please pray for the work being done in Poipet, and ask God to prepare the hearts of the Cambodian people to accept the gospel. We believe that Cambodia will be a powerful Christian nation in Asia. The tsunami is working its way to the Cambodian shoreline!