Monday, November 29, 2010

God is Good!!

We say 'God is Good!!' sometimes as Christians in such a casual way. Lately I have gotten the absolute, Holy Spirit given Revelation, that the God I serve, the God who calls me 'His son' , the God who loved me enough to die for me, really is GOOD!! Like He's REALLY GOOD!!! You are probably like, 'Dude, I get it already!' but man, when you get this revelation in your Spirit you just want to be the most radical, faith-filled Christian, who is willing to make sacrifices, and become a living sacrifice, so that the whole World will know that Jesus Christ is Lord!!!
I have been crying a lot lately, which is always a good sign that my heart is soft and my spirit is in tune with the Holy Spirit. I hear a worship song, and I will just feel the Love of the Lord all around me, I will share a story at a meeting and God just turns me into a wreck!!! Its humbling to lose it in front of strangers but I wouldn't change that intimate feeling with the Lord for anything in the World!!
Here are some pictures of a girl who the Lord has given me the honor of getting to know in the last 2 months. Her name is Avin Houghland from White Rock, BC. She served with Imagine Thailand (PAOC) in Thailand for 14 months and is currently back home working and serving with an emerging Church in Vancouver called 'More than 12.' Would really appreciate your prayers for us and for Wisdom and Discernment.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cranbrook/Trail- CLA Interns 2010

Friends!! Here are just a few pictures from a recent ministry trip with 6 Interns from my home church, Christian Life Assembly in Langley BC. I actually went along with these awesome young people, not as their leader but as the 'drummer' and the guy who 'tried' key word is 'tried' to take care of the money!!! We drove to Trail BC (what a gorgeous part of BC!! Wow!!) where Justin Schwaab led worship and Steven Barks shared his testimony and the whole team did a real powerful drama to music.
That night we stayed with an awesome couple in Castlegar who were just awesome hosts, and the next morning we drove to Cranbrook. We stayed at Abundant Life church where Pastor Jonathan and Pastor Carol took care of us, along with members of their church. We were able to help out in a few practical ways as well as putting on a VBS for some local kids on Saturday afternoon and an hour or so on Sunday afternoon.
Schwaab led worship on Sunday morning and after having some great fellowship with the Pastors, former and Present, we hit the road the next morning back to the Fraser Valley.