Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Back to Asia!!

As I write this I am waiting with Boosapaul in the Taipei airport, about to catch our last flight to Bangkok before we take a bus to Poipet, Cambodia.
We arrived in Canada on June 26th and right up until yesterday, August 4th, we had an amazing time doing every 'Canadian' type thing we could!!
Boosapaul adapted to life in Canada amazingly well and did everything from riding a horse in Alberta, to ordering a double-double at Tim Hortons!! He survived without eating rice everyday and now I think he genuinely enjoys Cheerios with milk!!
We were able to share about Cambodia and the ministry at places like the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver to backyard BBQ's in Three Hills, Alberta and Kelowna, BC!
At every place we shared we met awesome people who have a heart for the lost! We were so encouraged and blessed by people's encouraging words and by their financial support! God is so good and I give Him praise for every good thing that happened this summer!!
It was a whirlwind trip but be had a ton of fun and after being at the Victory Conference in Alberta we are stirred up and excited to keep going all out for Jesus in Cambodia!
Hope you Enjoy the Pictures!